Australian Combustion Symposium 2019
4-6 December 2019, Adelaide

Australian Combustion Symposium 2019

The biennial meeting is Australia's preeminent conference in the field of combustion, and builds on a long-standing series of events, including Sydney (2017), Melbourne (2015) and Perth (2013). The conference will be a precursor to the prestigious 38th International Symposium on Combustion, which will also be in Adelaide. Both meetings are held under the auspices of the Australia and New Zealand section of the Combustion Institute.


The Australian Combustion Symposium covers a range of topics related to combustion, and associated energy-related fields, including:

  • Gas-Phase Reaction Kinetics
  • Soot, Nanomaterials, and Large Molecules
  • Laminar Flames
  • Turbulent Flames
  • Spray, Droplet, and Supercritical Combustion
  • Detonations, Explosions, and Supersonic Combustion
  • Solid Fuel Combustion
  • Fire Research
  • Stationary Combustion Systems and Control of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Gas turbine and Rocket Engine Combustion
  • Other Concepts

    One registration, two conferences

    The 2019 Australian Combustion Symposium will immediately follow the 9th Australian Conference on Laser Diagnostics (formerly the Australian Conference on Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics and Combustion) which will be held 2-4 December at the same venue. The Australian Conference on Laser Diagnostics covers the application of lasers and optical diagnostic techniques for metrology, including minerals processing, biomedical application, fluid mechanics and combustion.

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